G20 riot apologists out in full force

Black to blogging. I have some things to get off my chest.

Local T.V. reported heavily on the mass court appearances held last week  in Toronto for people arrested for various G20-related security offences.

Not surprisingly, spokespeople for myriad social groups advocating for the accused were on hand to provide rehearsed (and mostly lame) excuses for the destruction wrought by the alleged perpetrators during the summit.

Some advice to protesters: next time you plan to participate in a “peaceful protest”, it is your obligation to police yourself. Just think of the upper hand you could have gained after the summit had you actually managed to keep the protests peaceful. Then you could have legitimately complained about the exorbitant security costs for the event. Instead, you helped justify them.

Note: I am not a supporter of this event.  See my previous blog post here for my full opinion on the matter.

– Dave


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