Monthly Archives: September 2010

Legitimate psychics?

I read with some amusement this article on the TIME website, which reports on increased regulation of psychics in the United States, including Warren Michigan, where psychics must now submit to a background check and fingerprinting. The article quotes a member of the Warren city council, who says:

“We want to be sure there is some recourse in case we do get somebody who is not legitimate.”

Oh, so you mean there are actually some legitimate psychics out there? I hadn’t heard about that!

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A new experimental treatment for autism and other disorders

A few days ago I stumbled upon an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about an experimental treatment for various disorders, including autism. The treatment involves stimulation of various parts of the brain using magnetic fields. The treatment is called transcranial magnetic stimulation or (TMS).

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More on medicating preschoolers

In my last post (see below) I pointed out an interesting article in the NYT about a new trend in diagnosing preschool age children with clinical depression. In the post I expressed concern about that and another trend I had noticed myself recently while reading about autism, which is an increase in co-diagnosing autism with other disorders, such as bipolar disorder, and the prescribing of antipsychotic drugs to children receiving these diagnoses. Without having researched the issue very deeply, though, I indicated that I was probably being too critical.

Well, today there is yet another fascinating article in the NYT (see here) and coincidentally it is about this very issue of the new trend in prescribing antipsychotic drugs to young children. The article seems to validate (and then some) the concerns I expressed in my last post.

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