I’d be lying if I said I had some lofty mission in mind for this blog. I don’t.

I simply want to write about interesting ideas and thoughts as they come to me. I plan to write on a variety of topics – everything from music to philosophy to autism.

Along the way, one of the topics I’m sure I’ll touch on more than a few times is climate change, a current favourite of mine. The purpose in discussing this topic is twofold:

  1. By blogging about climate change I’ll necessarily force myself to delve more deeply into this complex subject (i.e., go beyond mainstream media reports) and hopefully achieve a more complete understanding of it so that, as a non-scientist, I can do a better job of critically evaluating the claims of the science as reported in, for example, the IPCC AR4 (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change, Fourth Assessment Report).
  2. The other goal is to expose people who may read this blog for other reasons to a new viewpoint on climate change.

Also, I should note that, while I am currently somewhat skeptical myself of the dire predictions of warming being made for the 21st century (for reasons which I’ll blog about eventually), I have an open mind and may very well change my position if presented with the right evidence. In general I have a great deal of respect for science and scientists and do not believe that climate change is a massive left-wing conspiracy for global governance as some do. In fact, much of my frustration over the topic of climate change is the uncritical way the issues are presented by the media, and I imagine many of my blog entries on climate change will be about this particular problem.

Ultimately I want to learn more, and I encourage people with different viewpoints to join in discussions and, when they believe I’ve made an error, (politely) educate me. Trust me when I say that I plan to make a lot of mistakes on my journey towards enlightenment, so please show me some mercy.


– Dave


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